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We are a recruitment agency dealing with personnel consulting, job placement and help in the field of working life. Our company has a vision of the future, where we build an unbiased society, where getting employed is not an issue and where every single one of us is able to find an ideal job.

Our goal is to offer a helping hand to those who have not had an easy life to begin with. We seek to help fulfill work expectations and be a support on the way to achieve an ideal job at homeland or abroad.

We have many years of experiences in the area of social work, social care and specifically providing assistance, support and services to residential institutions for the care and education of orphans and to people in need (socially weaker families, disadvantaged and marginalized groups).

Your needs and the view of ideal job are at the first place for us. The analysis of your experiences and your desire of self realization is the right connection.

Analysis of your Needs

Analysis of your needs

Your needs and your idea of the ideal job come first for us. Analysis of work experience and your desire to apply is the right connection.

Help with Preparation

Help with preparation

We will help you with the preparation of your CV, motivation letter and with managing a successful job interview.

Your dream job

Your dream job

However, our work does not end here. The subsequent maintenance of contact and the employee assigned by us, "The One", will be your support and security during your work beginnings.
The One - recruitment agency

Why "The ONE"?

If you are a candidate looking for work,
we will support you every step of the way.
From creating a CV, to interview prep, to placing you in your perfect role and then keeping in touch with your assisstant to make sure everything is just as it should be.

Your needs and your idea of ​​the ideal job come first for us. We believe that analyzing the work experience associated with your desire to enter the labor market is the right connection.

Remember that your CV is the first opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to your future employer. It is an overview of information about you, your skills, education, work experience and other results.

The cover letter should emphasize your motivation to apply for a particular job or opportunity and show why you think you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Your cover letter should refer to specific examples in your resume and should describe why the examples listed are relevant to the vacancy you are applying for.

Do you want to know how to prepare for an interview not only so that you don’t mess anything up, but also that you can impress and your chances of getting a job increase? We will help you.

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